Corporate Law

Penny Paddle

Joint Managing Partner & Head of Corporate Law


At Paddle & Cocks we have a great depth of experience in the corporate arena. We understand the benefits of good corporate governance from the inception of a business, through the whole lifecycle of a company. We can assist with all levels of corporate restructuring from early stage companies through to PLCs and provide advice on the incorporation of subsidiaries, share for share exchanges, share buy-backs, reduction of capital and the raising of additional capital through both private equity, venture capital and different finance facilities.

In addition we advise on:

  • all manner of shareholder and partnership agreements with a view to putting in place solid foundations to help the business grow and to avoid expensive conflicts arising between founders as the business evolves over time.
  • all aspects of business sales and purchases, through the legal due diligence process, the minefield of warranties, indemnities and disclosure, the drafting of the necessary minutes and resolutions to approve the transaction, and the main transaction documents themselves.
  • different types of security solutions where part of the purchase price is to be made by way of deferred payment over a period of time, whether this be by way of unsecured personal guarantees, legal charges over property, debentures or the issue of loan notes.

In addition to all of the above we have personal experience when it comes to setting up and running businesses, so we are pragmatic and commercial in addition to providing the legal advice and structuring that is required.

Most importantly we understand that each transaction is unique and needs to be handled as such, taking into account the nature of the different parties involved. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to ensure that clients receive a proportionate benefit taking into account the costs and risks involved, to enable them to make informed choices along the way.

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