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At Paddle & Cocks we aim to attract the brightest, most talented lawyers. In order to do that we recognise that all human beings are unique and will best flourish and reach their potential in an environment which suits them.

No one size fits all, and we believe people optimally perform when they are, relaxed, in control and feel good about themselves. At Paddle & Cocks we have created a work setting that supports the individual. The knock on effect: excellent client service. It’s a win win.

Tell us what you are looking to achieve and we’ll work with you to generate it.

To that end we offer both a traditional working environment for employees and a more flexible consultancy based practice.

As a Consultant you can:

  • Pick and choose your hours to balance your life according your commitments;
  • Work from home, by the coast or be based in a city;
  • Work in a target free environment;
  • Set your own fee rates;
  • Be compensated for all of the hours that you work; and
  • Retain your own client relationships.
What we offer:

  • A position as a consultant solicitor in one of the commercial practice areas;
  • As a self employed consultant you determine your own hours and where you work from;
  • We provide you with the back office, our branding, insurance, IT and case management system;
  • We work on a 70:30 fee share for work introduced and undertaken by you, a referral fee for work introduced to other consultants and a 60:40 fee share where we give you the work.

Current Vacancies

We are looking for:

  • Consultant lawyers, primarily in London, Birmingham or Truro but location is not fixed;
  • Partners in Employment and Commercial Property. Again location is flexible; and
  • Employees, solicitors in corporate / commercial and commercial dispute resolution between 3 to 5 years pqe.

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